Jewellery Storage? Piece of Cake!

When you make your own jewellery, you naturally accumulate a rather large personal jewellery collection……which needs storing.  So I am always on the lookout for creative jewellery storage ideas.

Here ‘s a cool idea I came across recently.

cake stand for jewellery storage, jewelry storage idea, creative jewellery storage idea, how to store jewellery,
Use a cake stand to creatively display and store your beautiful jewellery…

I saw the picture above in an article by Better Homes and Gardens.  It was the cake stand that caught my eye. If you have a dressing table or chest of drawers large enough to accommodate a stand, what a lovely way to display your jewellery.  Instead of being tempted by delicious cakes, you can be tempted by delicious jewellery.   I love having my jewellery on view so that even when I am not wearing it, I can look at it and admire it!

As well as being perfectly good for use as a cake stand, you could also even use it as a Christmas table centre piece….

cake stand centre piece, cake stand as christmas table decoration, christmas centre piece, table centre piece
Use your cake stand as the centre piece for your Christmas table…..



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