Hello, my name is Tracy – welcome to Big Skies Jewellery!

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I have always been amazed and awed by the beauty that nature creates around us and I have also always had a passion for art. Creating custom gemstone jewellery is the joyous collision of these two loves – I think of my jewellery as wearable art using the gifts of nature.


When I create a new piece of jewellery it goes far beyond simply creating something unique and beautiful. Jewellery gives us joy – this can come in the form of the wonderful feeling we get when we slip on a spectacular statement necklace, the giving of that perfect unique gift to someone we love, or receiving a special gift from our loved one, or it may be simply looking at or owning something beautiful. In my case the joy comes from artistic expression, my love for the stones I work with and the feeling I get when I look at the beautiful item that I just created and know that it will create happiness in someone else – each piece of my jewellery is infused with this joy. The core values that guide me at Big Skies Jewellery are Creativity, Excellence and JOY.


I have been making jewellery since 2008. I couldn’t find the type of jewellery that I really wanted to wear – unique, sometimes funky, elegant pieces made from real stones, that were suitable to wear to both my corporate job during the week and again on weekends. I am not a chain store fan and never have been, always preferring artisan and unique over mass-produced (who wants to look like everyone else?). Gradually I began to put together a few pieces for myself, learning how to make the visions in my head a reality as I went along. Sitting at the table, surrounded by beautiful stones and endless possibilities very soon became my favourite place to be – my creative artistic self had found it’s home.

When word got around that I had created the jewellery I was wearing, people began asking me if I please had any extra pieces for sale. And so it began…..and that is how I then discovered that I get even greater joy from sharing my jewellery than I do from wearing it myself (and I really love to wear jewellery!!).

In 2012 Big Skies Jewellery was officially born, right here on Etsy, thanks to the urging of a close friend. Every single item sold here in my shop is created by me and is something that I genuinely love and would wear, if there were enough days in the year! I specialise in unique statement necklaces and beautiful ‘everyday’ elegance – all pieces are made using personally sourced and selected stones and materials. I love unusual gemstones and different cuts and shapes of stone. Balance and proportion are key in my designs – I don’t have a system or formula, each piece is just made by feel.


I grew up in a small rural village on the English coastline, but now live in Johannesburg, South Africa – an exciting and vibrant place to call home. All my jewellery is created here in my home. The name of my shop however refers back to where I grew up – Brancaster in Norfolk, England – countryside famous for its “big skies”. Although Big Skies Jewellery is my present and future, it felt right that my shop should connect me with where I have come from and where my passion for art and nature began…..


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