Big Skies Jewelry – Now in Cape Town

Big Skies Jewellery on the move……

Big Skies Jewellery has had to take a back seat over the last couple of months whilst my husband and I moved from our Johannesburg home down to Cape Town.  We have both left the corporate world and now own, run and live in a guesthouse in the coastal village of Gordon’s Bay (Big Skies Guesthouse).  It was a big move (1400 km) – amazing how much you can accumulate in a home over a number of years – and it has taken a few weeks to reach the point where I can now return to creating jewelry.

Gordon's Bay Village

But I have made it, the unpacking is done….

big skies jewellery beading table

…and with this view from my beading table, how could I not be inspired?

Big Skies Jewellery beading table view

Watch this space 🙂


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