New Bead Stock – Grey Agate Slices

Gorgeous Grey Agate Slab Beads

At Big Skies Jewellery I am always on the lookout for new and unusual beads. This weekend I came across these gorgeous grey agate slab beads at one of my suppliers.

Grey Agate Slab Beadstring. agate slices, agate beads, big stone beads, grey stone beads,
Large Grey Agate Slab Bead String


The individual agate slices are quite big and the one shown below has particularly beautiful patterning.  But what to do with them……my mind is running amok with all the design possibilities. Single Gray Agate Slice Bead, grey gate slab bead, agate bead, large stone bead, agate slice, grey stone bead

One very large statement necklace?

Grey Agate Slice Beads, large agate beads, agate slab beads, grey stone beads, large stone beads

One focal bead surrounded by crystal quartz points and smaller grey agate beads perhaps?

Grey Agate and Crystal Quartz Point Beads, grey agate beads, stone beads, crystal beads, grey beads,

Decisions, decisions!  But….a picture is forming in my mind 🙂


If you love statement jewellery – take a look at the Statement Necklaces section of Big Skies Jewellery’s online Etsy store.


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