Red-Orange Agate and Blue Lapis Statement Necklace

New to the Big Skies Jewellery shop this week, glossy red-orange agate slabs and blue lapis lazuli with brass accents.

Red agate and lapis necklace 1

The ancient Egyptians often combined these two colours in their jewelry.  The effect when used together is very luxuriant – fit for royalty!

Red agate and lapis necklace 3

This beautiful gemstone necklace is perfect for adding luxurious color to your wardrobe – the glossy red-orange agate combines beautifully with the intense dark blue of the lapis lazuli. The lapis beads contain small flecks of golden pyrite which add subtle shimmer. The pyrite flecks are enhanced and emphasized by pairing them with brass accent beads, at the front and back of the necklace. Red agate and lapis necklace

The finishing touch is provided by a brass accent bead by the clasp, which is an ornate toggle and bar clasp.  The clasp is both beautiful and practical – toggle clasps are easy to fasten and very secure when worn.

Red agate and lapis necklace 2

Find Agate and Lapis Statement Necklace and more beautiful pieces at Big Skies Jewellery’s Etsy shop.


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