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What is Ethiopian Silver?

Is It Actually Silver? Ethiopian silver contains absolutely no silver! The “silver” is actually aluminium. The beads have an imperfect, very obviously handcrafted appearance, which is the core of their beauty and charm. You can see that someone handmade them, they are not machine-made, mass-produced items. As you can see, …

Chrysocolla Gemstone Meaning

Chrysocolla Chrysocolla is a copper stone, ranging from light green to deep blue, and is often found in association with Malachite and Azurite. This unusually coloured stone has many beneficial energies.  Name and Discovery The name Chrysocolla comes from the Greek chrysos, “gold”, and kolla, “glue”, in allusion to the name of …

The Meaning of Green

Instead of looking into the meaning of gemstones, today I thought I would have a look at the at the meaning of …


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