Mellow Yellow?

Colors can mean very different things.  The colours in themselves do not actually have meaning, rather we have culturally assigned meanings to them, which they then evoke when we see them.   Let’s have a look at yellow.


Yellow agate necklace, yellow gemstone necklace, yellow bead necklace, handmade beaded necklaces, handmade gemstone necklaces, gemstone jewellery, yellow necklace, agate necklace
It doesn’t get much brighter than this Yellow Agate Gemstone Necklace from Big Skies Jewellery!


Some of the meanings yellow tends to symbolize on a positive front are :

  • Attention grabbing
  • Comfort
  • Liveliness
  • Optimism
  • Summer
  • Happiness
  • Energy

On the less positive side yellow can be associated with :

    • Cowardice
    • Conflict
    • Hunger (apparently this is why McDonald’s uses yellow…..!!)


Red and yellow gemstone necklace, red coral pendant necklace, yellow and red beaded necklace, handmade necklaces, beadwork jewelry, beaded necklaces
Yellow contrasted with red makes a striking combination as in this Big Skies Jewellery Yellow Agate and Red Coral Pendant Necklace


From a jewellery perspective yellow is undoubtedly eye-catching and it is a happy and positive colour – it always makes me smile 🙂  If you want to cheer yourself up, put on a bright yellow necklace!!


Sunburst lemon jade collar necklace. lemon jade necklace, yellow gemstone necklace, jade necklace, statement necklace, choker, handmade beaded necklaces, handmade gemstone necklaces, statement jewelry, gemstone jewelry
Lemon Jade “Sunburst” Collar Necklace – designed and created by Big Skies Jewellery


Do you love mellow yellow??


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